Brand Assignment

01. The Basics

Let's go over the basics. We’ll use the following info to know how best to reach you, connect with you online, and get to know you better.

General Information


Where to find you online


Can we brag about you?

Can we post about(Required)
We'd love to post about the progress of your project throughout the design week on our social media channels (especially Instagram stories!). Is that okay with you or would you rather we keep it under wraps?

Launch Plan

Note: We recommend launching the last day of your Design Week (Friday) or super soon after during the week following your design. That's when you'll have the most momentum, the most hype, and because you can post about the process during the week with Friday being the big reveal. Ultimately, the ethos of our company is GoLive - fast, furious and with a splash.
We'd love to promote your business as much as possible! Launching a new course, location, service, product or even just rebranding to spruce up your site? Let us know so we can show off your site in the best light possible.

Your Brand


H O O R A Y !

You've finished the basics portion. Click submit and head on back to your client portal (Basecamp) to start the next part of your assignment.