Brand Assignment

02. Style

Let's talk design & style. This is the fun part! Tell us all about your aesthetic preferences, visual style and design ideas.

Your Vibe


Website Template

For reference, you can see our Website Templates here. We will customize the logo, fonts, color scheme, graphics, and images. We will *NOT* change the overall layout of the website template so be sure to choose a layout that you LOOOVE!


If you need a logo designed for you, a free Wordmark logo comes with your Restyle package. A "Wordmark" is a text-only typographic logo that we include in this package as a gift, to ensure you have a fully finished, professional product. Please note: our Wordmark Logo design includes *ONLY* 2 different directions and 1 revision. If you’re looking for a more official logo & branding process, you may have purchased our Logo & Brand Kit Add On. This includes 3 different logo directions & 2 rounds of revision(s), followed by curating a kit of parts (1 sub logo, font pairings, color palette & any textures or patterns) and then we integrate everything into a Brand Style Guide so you'll have a clear plan for HOW and HOW NOT to use your branding elements. *Please disregard this section if you already have a logo and be sure to include those files in the zip folder with your images (Part 05)
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